iCarol is a web-based software platform that supports non-profit organizations in the human services sector. It offers a suite of tools to help organizations better support their clients. iCarol organizes its resources in a robust database with various management features that allow organizations to easily maintain an up-to-date database of resources such as shelters, food banks, and other service providers. This helps them provide more accurate and comprehensive referrals to their clients.

iCarol lets you set up your own information and referral database so that you have access to relevant services in your community. The Devless app then connects and delivers those resources to your users. Here’s what customers love most about its features.

  • Easy data management
  • Simple search
  • Customizable fields
  • Language conversion
iCarol add-on for Devless App Builder

Getting Started

For users without an existing iCarol account, you may take advantage of their free trial and obtain an API key by contacting an iCarol solution expert. This trial has no obligation or cost. To learn more or schedule an appointment, visit the FAQ page for the iCarol trial offer.

For existing iCarol account holders, locate and copy your API key for the next steps.

Configuring Your Devless App

Now, let's enable the iCarol add-on inside Devless Admin and paste your iCarol API key.

  1. In Devless Admin, go to “Add-ons” in the left menu.
  2. Click the iCarol tile to open it.
  3. “Enable” the iCarol add-on.
  4. Click the “iCarol Settings” button.
  5. Paste your iCarol API Key. (acquired from iCarol)
  6. Click “SAVE.”
iCarol Add-on for Devless no-code app builder

Customizing the iCarol Add-on

After entering the API key, the page will expand with additional settings to customize how iCarol will work with your Devless App.

This allows you to set up how often in “Days” or “Hours” you want the data refreshed. Directly below, you also can view the Rebuild History by expanding the dropdown. This dropdown only appears after you’ve completed at least one rebuild.

iCarol Add-on for Devless no-code app builder

Next, you can enable specific tag-based filtering options for custom tags and data conversion from iCarol.

Tag-Based Filtering Options

Manage your users’ access to resources by automating the tag-based filtering options. You can leverage the 211 taxonomy system, add custom field tags from iCarol, and tie in location for more relevant search results.

iCarol Add-on for Devless no-code app builder

Custom Tags

In addition to iCarol's 9,000+ term standardized categorization and taxonomies, you can bring in select custom fields you created in iCarol and convert those to resource tags to increase your app’s filtering options.

Coverage Areas Tags

The Devless iCarol add-on also allows you to set up filtering tags based on coverage area. This can be limited to state, county, city, or zip code. This information is brought in from your iCarol resource and pairs nicely with the Maps and Geolocation add-on.

Note: When the Coverage Area Tag setting is 'on,' the default setting applies if it doesn't find a coverage area.

Devless no-code app builder

Rebuilding the iCarol Add-on

After setting up the iCarol add-on, click the “REBUILD NOW” button at the bottom.

iCarol Add-on for Devless no-code app builder

Viewing and Testing iCarol Add-on

Once the initial build is complete, all resources will be stored in your iCarol repository, ready to utilize in your Devless application.

When ready, we recommend launching the client app and testing the features and settings you have applied.

iCarol Add-on for Devless no-code app builder

Rebuilding the iCarol Add-on

Fantastic! By integrating the iCarol add-on into your Devless app, users will enjoy an exceptional experience when accessing your invaluable resources. They can effortlessly filter, pinpoint, and access the ones that are most relevant to them.

Want to enhance your app with more great features? Check out other Devless add-ons in our Help Center for step-by-step guidance!

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