GoodBarber vs Devless: DIY App Building

DIY app building just got easier with Devless. Now, you can take a pass on all the drag-and-drop builders out there that make do-it-yourself app development harder than it has to be. In this comparison, we’ll explore the features, pricing, and support of each no-code platform so you can confidently embark on your journey ahead. Let's get started!

#1 Design: Devless UI is Simpler

How hard is it to design an app yourself? It depends on which type of app builder you choose. Drag-and-drop editors like GoodBarber require patience and determination to learn their user interfaces, especially if you're not tech-savvy. With these types of app builders, you usually need to add components and program functionality, but GoodBarber takes a slightly different approach.

GoodBarber operates on a “Design System” that uses only templates to build apps that work across iOS, Android, and Web. While easier to use than others, if you dig a little deeper it's not as flexible or nearly as customizable as its competitors even though it offers add-ons.

Their templates are designed mobile-first, so you may find small issues if you preview your app on a tablet, laptop, or desktop…and you can't do anything to fix it. The bottom line is it takes much longer to learn their platform and get apps to market since you'll still be investing a lot of time into design. Fortunately, you only have to do one build even if you want to get into the app stores.

Devless, on the other hand, provides an easier way to build without code. With Devless's simpler interface, you can easily brand, add content, and customize the look of DIY applications in far fewer steps.

Simply make selections to set up layouts, customize, and integrate APIs to extend your app's functionality. No code or difficult app design process, just standard form fields that anyone can easily use like dropdowns, color pickers, rich text, etc. One simple build of your web app will also get you listed in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store when you're ready to reach the masses.

#2 Analytics: Let’s Get Visual with Heatmaps

Devless and GoodBarber offer a variety of analytics options. Both allow you to enable Google Analytics for your Web Apps. Devless also has custom analytics to track users' sessions and activity, even a heatmap for analyzing user data. GoodBarber also incorporates statistics for iOS and Android inside their dash if you set it up.

#3 Accessibility: Only Devless is Fully-Accessible

Accessibility is an important factor when creating applications. This is because it ensures that everyone can use your app. Devless offers the free UserWay add-on which is the leading web accessibility solution for WCAG & ADA compliance. With UserWay being trusted by over 1 million sites, rest assured your Devless app can offer a fully-accessible user experience.

On the other hand, an accessibility feature for GoodBarber apps is unavailable. A chat with support stated they are in the process of increasing their accessibility but do not offer it at this time.

#4 Customer Support: Location is Everything

Devless provides up-to-date help docs and videos in the site's Help Center so you can quickly find the answers you need. The Devless development team, which is in the U.S., personally offers support via email. Simply complete our Contact Us form. You can even schedule a time to talk via Calendly from the homepage, just request a demo. Devless will show you how to create an app yourself, answer questions, and even take requests for specific solutions to suit your business needs. Don’t worry, it's not a sales call.

In all fairness, GoodBarber is based out of France, so U.S. users have complained that it was a challenge to reach support since their time zones didn't line up. We recommend checking out other product listing reviews to give you an idea of what to expect in the way of direct customer service. You'll see mixed reviews but mostly negative ones due to delays, not poor service.

From personal experience, GoodBarber's chat support does take a few hours to receive a reply. It even eventually disconnects at times with a message 'you are offline', but you aren't. They still kindly get back to you by email to answer your question(s), plus they are very nice and get straight to the point.

In addition, GoodBarber offers an Academy, videos, and documentation. Again from personal experience, much of it is not up-to-date. One can be hopeful that a certain video or doc will certainly answer a question…only to find that it's years old and the dashboard has since changed, which isn't very helpful. Sometimes, solutions just aren't available. If you have to resort to attending an Academy, it’s probably not as easy of an app builder as it claims to be.


#5 Free Plans: Know GoodBarber’s Limitations

Devless offers a free plan to use without a time limitation. Plus, everyone gets a fully-branded live web app — no credit card required. Standard add-ons and analytics are also included!

GoodBarber only offers a 30-day trial to try their no-code platform and the use of only five free extensions (add-ons). You will have to upgrade to see your app live, let others test it, and kick off analytics. This is becoming more commonplace with builders, so take advantage of Devless while you can!

#6 Paid Plans: Devless is Transparent and Affordable

How much does it cost to build an app yourself? Pricing depends on the type of app you want to develop and the number of features you want to include. Here is a comparison of similar features for GoodBarber's Premium Plan and Devless's Business Plan. These prices reflect their monthly subscription, premium add-ons are in addition. Take note of GoodBarbers's other fees noted below, they can add up!

*Per month, GoodBarber charges an additional $2 per 10GB, $20 for chat which requires authentication at $12/mo (make apps password protected), $49 for in-app purchases, and $0.10 per 10K push notifications over the account limit.


DIY app building is faster and easier than coding or hiring an app developer. However, your experience and the price you pay depend on the no-code platform you choose. A do-it-yourself app builder like Devless can make apps pretty and save a ton of time and money. Sign up for Devless and learn how to create an app quickly. Launch your business app today!

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