Bubble vs Devless: Only One Will Launch an App Quickly

Need to launch an app for your business? Devless offers a fast track for creating powerful web applications. It's the preferred no-code app builder because it simplifies the development process and eliminates the guesswork for business owners.

Bubble and Devless are two very different app makers, so let’s take a look at why Devless is a better choice for you and your business.

#1 User Experience: Devless Gets You Up and Running

The user interface (UI) of an app builder can make or break its success. Because users don’t need any coding experience to use a no-code platform, the UI needs to be intuitive and easy to understand.

This is where Devless's dashboard shines over Bubble's. Its minimal menu is straightforward, every page has simple selectors, and layouts make sense. Users who have never built an app before can easily get up and running.

With Bubble, even though it has a nice layout and an introductory tutorial, you'll find yourself wondering what to do next when it stops! So, unless you are tech-savvy, you'll probably find yourself going down one rabbit hole after another. To their credit, Bubble has stated they are trying to improve their product's ease of use as well as put out educational resources to lessen the learning curve.

#2 Speed & Efficiency: Fast Track App Development

What good is an app builder if it takes forever to get anything done? Speed and efficiency are key when building apps, so you want to pick a platform that allows you to build apps quickly.

Devless stands out from other no-code solutions thanks to its streamlined development — you can create an entire app in a fraction of the time! You'll find a more efficient approach to app building than Bubble's drag-and-drop editor.

In Devless, users simply add resources to an app and enable plugins to tell the app what to do with them. You won't have to spend endless hours learning the platform, designing each screen, or programming each component's functionality. This is how you fast-track app development!

#3 Integrations & Customization: Focus on the Functional

You'll need a platform that offers valuable integrations and customization options. But, you don't want so many shiny objects that you can't focus or move the needle. Fortunately, Devless prevents the overwhelm.

Devless only offers reliable, high-quality add-ons to expand your app's functionality like Google Analytics, Jotform, UserWay, etc. Plus, the selection continues to grow.

You'll also find features Bubble doesn't have like the ability to create custom interactive guides that give your app a unique competitive edge, engage your audience, and will serve your customers 24/7. It's nice to have special no-code features that are different from the standard offerings of every other no-code builder out there.

While Bubble has a ton of plugins, you should be aware of the related shortcomings. Users report many are unreliable and easily broken, ruling out promising and useful third-party offerings. The most frustrating part was the lack of proper how-to documentation.

Having said that, be cautious of using such plugins as key features in your app especially when you know very little about the source. It pays to do some research ahead of time.

#4 Native Apps: Devless Keeps it Developerless

With Devless, all you have to do is build your web app. If you have Devless's Business Plan, support will take care of the Android app and iOS apps for you! Devless support handles the listing process and makes your app available for download from the app stores. It's just another way Devless simplifies app development for its users.

On the other hand, Bubble is not a platform that will give you native mobile apps. You'll have to learn a third-party tool or, more likely, hire app developers to get your app listed in the Google Play Store and/or the Apple App Store.

#5 Responsiveness: Devless Adapts

As mentioned, Devless has already handled the frustrating aspects of design, including making your web app responsive. Rest assured, your app is going to look great on any device, no matter what size or layout.

In Bubble, creating responsive web apps has proved to be a bit of a challenge for its users. Complaints prompted their developers to revamp their Responsive Engine in 2022.

After its beta version was released, users seemed to be pretty happy with its uniform, flexbox approach. However, third-party plugin developers weren't actively updating available plugins so that they could be fully responsive too. So in many instances, users still have to use the old page builder as a workaround. Follow up with their support for the latest updates.

#6 Pricing Models: Something for Everyone

Both no-code app builders have a free plan, plus three to four paid tiers that offer flexible pricing depending on users' needs. Add-ons are purchased à la carte. Their pricing pages are transparent, so you won't be surprised by hidden costs.

#7 Free Plans: Only Devless Lets You Go Live

That’s right, only Devless lets you go live! Devless has a free plan that allows you to create and launch an app — no credit card or coding required! This is perfect for entrepreneurs on a tight budget who want to test their ideas with their app's target audience before spending money.

With Bubble's free plan, apps can't be published. It exists so you can learn their building platform. Therefore, users must upgrade to a paid plan to deploy apps and get user feedback.

#8 Paid Plan Comparison: Devless Offers Exceptional Value

Here, we compare Devless's Business Plan with Bubble's Professional Plan. For small business owners, Devless is a generous offer considering price, features, and allowances.

* “Bubble plans are subscribed to on a per-app basis: this means that a single Bubble plan applies to a single Bubble application. Plans cannot be shared or transferred between applications.” — Bubble.io


The takeaway here is that Devless offers unmatched simplicity, pricing, and features for building no-code apps in comparison to Bubble.io. Straightaway, you get to focus on adding content to your app rather than spending months learning a platform, struggling with design, and programming functionality.

Go ahead and invite your team to your Devless app! Brand it, enable your favorite add-ons, add resources, and select how you want them to display. It's that easy to launch an app with Devless. Happy building!

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